Month: November 2015

Week 8. I feel good.

All my computer problems and my business problems are behind me this week.   My business has taken a leap forward.  I love what I do.  The training this Saturday will be a great event of learning updated information.  Thanks to Don, I can now print and the cable company for getting internet back up and running.  Computers are nice when they work!

This week I found myself struggling again with Love.  Family issues have be doubting how I should love someone when they can be so mean and hurtful.  It’s like you keep going back for that slap in the face.  How do you over come that.   I was able to break away from her 12 years ago, and started with my healing, and it took all the 12 years to get past it, but now with dad living with me, I see it first hand again and it has opened that feeling again with me. I know I can love her, and hate her actions, but when I see what she is doing to my father it tears me up inside.  And I am slipping back wards again.

But overall, I love the gal in the mirror. We are getting along great, I am opening up more and more about what



week seven — why can life (bad habits) interfere with life. (good habits)

This week was a week where I allowed bad habits to take back control.  My printer was not working,  so yes, I was able to down load and save week 7 the master key and other papers to my computer. Still unable to print. so therefore, had to bring up the computer each time to read my assignments.  It made it a very interesting and added time to my days.   The 7 ways people learn.  Reading from the computer was very difficult for me to comprehend, so the more I read, the more frustrated I got as I felt I wasn’t getting what I wanted to get out of the readings.  Hence could be why I have so many papers laying around to be read.  Need to break that bad habit and form a better habit.

The 7 day mental diet.  I liked that very much.  Really learned how to build a new habit of thought.  I thought I was doing this pretty good until I started  reading.  I have come so far, but yet so far to go yet.  I now find myself helping others while I learn.  My father is a very good student, ready, willing and able to change.  He is doing a great time.  and together we comment to the other if we need to change our mind set.

I still find myself having bad times,  I am having less pitty-me time each day, infact, find I am having maybe three or four a week.  So much better then before this training.  I love my life and what God has in store for my future.


week 6 — scared but excited

The last two weeks I was really fighting with my subby and bad habits or was it medical issues and not bad habits.   It was really, really bad, this week is going so much better.  I am finding some energy, my brain is back to normal,  I love myself, at least the mirror and I are having fun and I  really do love my inner self,  now just need to work on the outer self.  Weather changes play on my body so much.  The head hurts, headaches come and the brain just turns to mush.   After the strokes and three aneurysms the doctors said to just take it easy those days.  Give the body and brain time to heal.  But how long is long enough?  And then I wonder how much of this is bad habits and how much is medical.  I can go so long then I fall apart maybe for a day or two.

At times my mind works over time.  Consistently thinking on how I cam improve my life with what I am learning.  I have my press release started in my mind but having problems writing it out.  Not sure why  but it will hit soon and it will be done.

I received a gift in the mail.  A compass and magnified glass from my coaches.  It was great, they are so encouraging and every time I look at these, I feel the encouragement they give me.  Thank you Don and Leanne.