Month: December 2015

Week 12 I persist -I succeed

Yes, I do struggle as I am going through MKMMA.  BUT I am doing  much better then I could if I didn’t have MKMMA.  My home life as a care-provider is doing better,   The better I am handling it, the better Larry is handling it.  He is starting to talk to me regarding his forgetfulness, we are learning together,  Is his memory doing better, will not know until our appointment in January.  But talking about it is an improvement.  He is not hiding it from me.

Dad’s situation with his legal battle — the girls basically didn’t respond to his letter and tells everyone it’s a mistake.  So dad has filed a report with the county.  He is pushing forward for what belongs to him.  I am proud of him for standing to his guns and not letting any one talk him out of it.  Now I just need to support him.  His health, he had another procedure for a stent,  they could not open the vessel to put in a stent.  He has a small complication but we got through it.  Think it scared him so He isn’t going any further with more stents.  again I need to support him.

My business,  the last two weeks I have moved forward with growing my business.  I have been involved with the same company for 15 years and always something, mostly my health, Larry’s health, mother’s sickness and then death, and so on has been in the way of working it.  I work it, but not being persistent really made a difference.   Now with MKMMA and the help of two senior business partners.  I am being persistent and taking tiny steps, spending at least 5 productive hours a week,  I am moving forward. and very happy about it.  FINNALLY


Week 11 — Up and downs.

This week started out good.  and has been up and down all week.  I am so glad I have MKMMA to help me during these times.  Or I probably would have ended up in bed for the whole week.  It is so sad when family members take advantage of your parents for the last 15-20 years,  then dad finds proof that they managed to steel over 500,000.00 dollars from him and mom.  You give them a chance to redeem themselves.  And they decide not to respond to my father.  Now dad is taking legal action.  Family is diffidently split now and they will probably spend some jail time.  Really takes you down just thinking about it.  And of course I worry about my dad as he has health issues and wonder how this will effect his health.

I booked three appointments for my business, and scheduled to in home invents, so I was able to bounce back.

Reading the Master Keys, I read number 35, the quote from the bible,  :whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye received them and ye shall have them:”  helped me get through my week.


Week Ten –what can I say

This week I have been fighting with my old peptide addictions.  Why do I fall back on those feelings.  Understanding more about them makes it so much easier to fight them off.  but they do creep up on me.

I wonder if it is because I still have my cold.  Going on week four with the cold, so there are times I don’t feel that good.  But then I keep telling me, that is my old me and I am only using that as the excuse.

I find my self having more me, myself and I time.  Only over where I was and how far I have come.  I am proud of where I am now and where I am going.

I am still struggling keeping up with everything.  A senior care giver does take more time then taking care of children.  They just seem to move slower then kids.  It takes longer to go places.  It would be so much easier to go places without them but defeats the purpose of giving them exercise.

I do love my life and where I am going.

Week 9 Love in my heart

Week 9 started out in bed sick with a bad cold.  Fought it for a few weeks but it caught up with me.  I missed the sunday webinar and listened to the recorded webinar on Tuesday.  That really makes the week short.  but I survived like always.  Mark as usually you and your team do awesome.

I am focusing on Love in my heart.  I am feeling better with the family issues.  I have not seen my two sisters yet to see if I truly have love for them.  But I do know I have forgiven them for what they have done.  Dad is doing so much better with the issue.  We talk and stay more positive, The MKMMA is helping me help him stay more positive, it still upsets him but I believe he has forgiven them for what they have done. It really sucks when some of your children take advantage of their parents.

I love the affirmation,  “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”.

My week, what can I say.  it was a struggle, coming back from being sick.  It is taking so much out of me to get healthy, and do my readings, that I found myself do the readings, but with no feeling.  It doesn’t work.  I now know I need to put feeling into the readings to get anything out of them.