Week 11 — Up and downs.

This week started out good.  and has been up and down all week.  I am so glad I have MKMMA to help me during these times.  Or I probably would have ended up in bed for the whole week.  It is so sad when family members take advantage of your parents for the last 15-20 years,  then dad finds proof that they managed to steel over 500,000.00 dollars from him and mom.  You give them a chance to redeem themselves.  And they decide not to respond to my father.  Now dad is taking legal action.  Family is diffidently split now and they will probably spend some jail time.  Really takes you down just thinking about it.  And of course I worry about my dad as he has health issues and wonder how this will effect his health.

I booked three appointments for my business, and scheduled to in home invents, so I was able to bounce back.

Reading the Master Keys, I read number 35, the quote from the bible,  :whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye received them and ye shall have them:”  helped me get through my week.



2 thoughts on “Week 11 — Up and downs.

  1. I am glad you are finding strength in the Master Keys and turning to them in those tough moments. I find a sense of calmness coming over me every time I do the reads or sits. It is a comfort. Keep using it to help in times of trouble or stress.

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  2. Well done Sheri for overcoming the downs. It is such a blow when things like that happen in the family. I really admire you for keeping faith and stay focused and strong! Keep the work and celebrate every victory!

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