Week 12 I persist -I succeed

Yes, I do struggle as I am going through MKMMA.  BUT I am doing  much better then I could if I didn’t have MKMMA.  My home life as a care-provider is doing better,   The better I am handling it, the better Larry is handling it.  He is starting to talk to me regarding his forgetfulness, we are learning together,  Is his memory doing better, will not know until our appointment in January.  But talking about it is an improvement.  He is not hiding it from me.

Dad’s situation with his legal battle — the girls basically didn’t respond to his letter and tells everyone it’s a mistake.  So dad has filed a report with the county.  He is pushing forward for what belongs to him.  I am proud of him for standing to his guns and not letting any one talk him out of it.  Now I just need to support him.  His health, he had another procedure for a stent,  they could not open the vessel to put in a stent.  He has a small complication but we got through it.  Think it scared him so He isn’t going any further with more stents.  again I need to support him.

My business,  the last two weeks I have moved forward with growing my business.  I have been involved with the same company for 15 years and always something, mostly my health, Larry’s health, mother’s sickness and then death, and so on has been in the way of working it.  I work it, but not being persistent really made a difference.   Now with MKMMA and the help of two senior business partners.  I am being persistent and taking tiny steps, spending at least 5 productive hours a week,  I am moving forward. and very happy about it.  FINNALLY


10 thoughts on “Week 12 I persist -I succeed

    1. Sorry for not responding till now. Not sure what I doing with this bloging. Just figured out I could reply to people. What MLM company are you in? and do they feature health products? Yes, I am involved with an internet franchise and yes we have health products. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Always, sheri


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