Week 13 — confussion

The holidays, the last four or five years have not been good for me.  I struggle with depression during this time.   The reason,  I have no idea why….. but it happens.  This year my shoulders are hurting so bad, that there are days I just wanted to cry.  and decorating you need your arms, arms connected to your shoulders and the cycle of pain.  So as I am writing this down,  my subby is relating pain with the holidays. I need to do something about that,  relax the arms more, maybe a massage to help my body relax as I struggle to relax.

I did have three business appointments during this time,  as long as I didn’t focus on the holidays I was fine, in a very nice mood, as happy as can be.

Out of all the activities,  the Gal in the Glass seems to resinate the best for me.  She can always lift me up when I am down.  Reading this is the first time, my focus has been on me and how I feel and not on how other people in my life feel when I do something.


7 thoughts on “Week 13 — confussion

  1. I sometimes feel sad when I read my DMP, so you are not alone in having to substitute feelings. You can do it, though, because you are nature’s greatest miracle and the miracle worker is available to you. I am praying for your shoulders.

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