Week 14 — think what you want

The strangest Secret in the world.    I was introduced to the 100 individuals who worked 45 years and saw the results some 15 years ago.  I really hit home back then and now listening to it again really, really struck me.

This is the week after Christmas,  I continue to have the Christmas blues.  I went shopping for the grandkids, having a hard time getting excited for our family christmas party.  Friday was the day,  went over to my daughter and son-in-laws house for dinner.  Must admit I was not looking forward to it.  but I put my simile on my face and went.  The energy in the air was so different then it has been in the past.  We had the best dinner and gathering in years.  Now was it me and how much I changed or was it my son-in-laws attitude toward the day.  Either way it was a great day.



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