Month: February 2016

week 18th journey of a life time

Since the first of the year, I have been struggling first with the flu then a virus.  Still doctoring with this shit……………But I must stay I am moving forward in my journey.  I made a commitment to complete something I have not done since my auto accident back in February 2011.  With MKMMA  I was not sure what I had accomplished in my life and what I had not accomplished.

I was not sure if I should do this or not.  So in January when I started feeling better after the flu, I met a business partner that was looking for a companion to travel to Miami, with.  To share a room and handout with. I like the person and choose to make the commitment.  I told her I don’t feel comfortable traveling so together with the help of each other we should do good.

When on line together booking our flights, I was very calm, not nervous like in the past years.  Really didn’t think anything of it,  I  made the commitment to get on a airplane and fly to Miami, Florida.  It was exactly five years to the day of my travel.

I must say while traveling to the airport with my daughter, I was a little nervous driving on the freeway where five years earlier, I lost control of the car and ended up in the hospital.  But as soon as we passed the area, I was calm again, looking forward to the trip.  The weather was bad, snow blizzard but still felt very calm and in control of me……I could go on and on as the flight was delayed, we didn’t arrive in Miami until the next day  18 hours later then what we were suppose to,    AND  still I felt very calm and in control looking forward to the good time with business partners and learning about this fantastic business I was building.

There were so many first that happened on this trip.  I was able to go out and walk by myself, go to the rest room by my self.

The only thing I really need to work on is Me taking care of Me.  I left myself get run down.  Ended up with a virus and now on the end of three weeks and just now starting to feel myself but yet tire so very easy.

But other then that I have learned so much in this journey.





Week 17A Hero’s Journey

Again I struggle with illness.  Have been under the weather for the whole week.  I didn’t do much of anything all week.  It took a lot of energy just to read my assignment.  Must confess I didn’t read it with the enthusiasm I should have or the number of times I should have.  As sick as I was, I felt guilty for not doing what I wanted to do.  So I allowed myself to rest, sleep and get better.

I am pleased for the choices I have made.

Week 17 – Permission

I give myself permission.  Permission to have feelings, to do this or that.  It took a very long time to give myself permission to…

I didn’t know that I had a block in my life until this exercise.  and it did take several weeks before I realize it was this permission that I was missing all a long.

Now that I have given myself permission,  I am happy with my life.  Yes I still have my struggles but as a rule I am so much happier with my life.  I am more content with my inner self.