Week 17A Hero’s Journey

Again I struggle with illness.  Have been under the weather for the whole week.  I didn’t do much of anything all week.  It took a lot of energy just to read my assignment.  Must confess I didn’t read it with the enthusiasm I should have or the number of times I should have.  As sick as I was, I felt guilty for not doing what I wanted to do.  So I allowed myself to rest, sleep and get better.

I am pleased for the choices I have made.


3 thoughts on “Week 17A Hero’s Journey

  1. You consciously made a choice and acted upon it. How great is that? This course is and has been about taking control. and it seems you are able to do this. A question you may want to consider is do you want to attract illness, low energy, etc. or do you want energy, activity, and good health. The Law of Attraction is at work. Will you take charge?


  2. Sometimes when we are not feeling well, we can get hard on ourselves. You have to listen to your body and if it needs rest, that is what you need to give it. What matters is you not getting negative about yourself and jumping back in strong when you feel better. I also like what Theresa Had to say about focusing on attracting the state of health you wish to have. Which are you focusing on?


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