Month: October 2016

Second Week

Another week has gone by.  I am struggling with focus.  I seem to be all over the place this week.  I cannot focus on anything longer than 5 minutes if that.  Yes, that also means my sittings are not going well.  Frustrations are in full bloom.

I must say my life is definitely changing for the better. This is my second time going through MKMMA.  Before I started MKMMA the first time, I really was all over the board.  I could not even focus to put things away, now I am putting things away.  Now after taking the first time, My house started getting cleaner and cleaner.   I had a garage sale last weekend, was able to get rid of lots of stuff.  So now I am packing things of what didn’t sell to give away and gather other stuff from the house to get ready for next year.  It is so rewarding to me having garage sales, I am able to help so many families out with things they cannot otherwise afford.  They pay what they can afford, they get what they need, and I get rid of things I don’t need.   A win – win.

My subconscious is arguing with me this week.  It knows what to do but my energy level Is fighting with my subconscious.  My subconscious knows what is wants to be, is willing to change, but I have these negative surroundings that pull me away from where my subconscious is going.  I have problems finding the words to explain where the subconscious is doing.