Week Ten –what can I say

This week I have been fighting with my old peptide addictions.  Why do I fall back on those feelings.  Understanding more about them makes it so much easier to fight them off.  but they do creep up on me.

I wonder if it is because I still have my cold.  Going on week four with the cold, so there are times I don’t feel that good.  But then I keep telling me, that is my old me and I am only using that as the excuse.

I find my self having more me, myself and I time.  Only over where I was and how far I have come.  I am proud of where I am now and where I am going.

I am still struggling keeping up with everything.  A senior care giver does take more time then taking care of children.  They just seem to move slower then kids.  It takes longer to go places.  It would be so much easier to go places without them but defeats the purpose of giving them exercise.

I do love my life and where I am going.


Week 9 Love in my heart

Week 9 started out in bed sick with a bad cold.  Fought it for a few weeks but it caught up with me.  I missed the sunday webinar and listened to the recorded webinar on Tuesday.  That really makes the week short.  but I survived like always.  Mark as usually you and your team do awesome.

I am focusing on Love in my heart.  I am feeling better with the family issues.  I have not seen my two sisters yet to see if I truly have love for them.  But I do know I have forgiven them for what they have done.  Dad is doing so much better with the issue.  We talk and stay more positive, The MKMMA is helping me help him stay more positive, it still upsets him but I believe he has forgiven them for what they have done. It really sucks when some of your children take advantage of their parents.

I love the affirmation,  “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”.

My week, what can I say.  it was a struggle, coming back from being sick.  It is taking so much out of me to get healthy, and do my readings, that I found myself do the readings, but with no feeling.  It doesn’t work.  I now know I need to put feeling into the readings to get anything out of them.




Week 8. I feel good.

All my computer problems and my business problems are behind me this week.   My business has taken a leap forward.  I love what I do.  The training this Saturday will be a great event of learning updated information.  Thanks to Don, I can now print and the cable company for getting internet back up and running.  Computers are nice when they work!

This week I found myself struggling again with Love.  Family issues have be doubting how I should love someone when they can be so mean and hurtful.  It’s like you keep going back for that slap in the face.  How do you over come that.   I was able to break away from her 12 years ago, and started with my healing, and it took all the 12 years to get past it, but now with dad living with me, I see it first hand again and it has opened that feeling again with me. I know I can love her, and hate her actions, but when I see what she is doing to my father it tears me up inside.  And I am slipping back wards again.

But overall, I love the gal in the mirror. We are getting along great, I am opening up more and more about what


week seven — why can life (bad habits) interfere with life. (good habits)

This week was a week where I allowed bad habits to take back control.  My printer was not working,  so yes, I was able to down load and save week 7 the master key and other papers to my computer. Still unable to print. so therefore, had to bring up the computer each time to read my assignments.  It made it a very interesting and added time to my days.   The 7 ways people learn.  Reading from the computer was very difficult for me to comprehend, so the more I read, the more frustrated I got as I felt I wasn’t getting what I wanted to get out of the readings.  Hence could be why I have so many papers laying around to be read.  Need to break that bad habit and form a better habit.

The 7 day mental diet.  I liked that very much.  Really learned how to build a new habit of thought.  I thought I was doing this pretty good until I started  reading.  I have come so far, but yet so far to go yet.  I now find myself helping others while I learn.  My father is a very good student, ready, willing and able to change.  He is doing a great time.  and together we comment to the other if we need to change our mind set.

I still find myself having bad times,  I am having less pitty-me time each day, infact, find I am having maybe three or four a week.  So much better then before this training.  I love my life and what God has in store for my future.


week 6 — scared but excited

The last two weeks I was really fighting with my subby and bad habits or was it medical issues and not bad habits.   It was really, really bad, this week is going so much better.  I am finding some energy, my brain is back to normal,  I love myself, at least the mirror and I are having fun and I  really do love my inner self,  now just need to work on the outer self.  Weather changes play on my body so much.  The head hurts, headaches come and the brain just turns to mush.   After the strokes and three aneurysms the doctors said to just take it easy those days.  Give the body and brain time to heal.  But how long is long enough?  And then I wonder how much of this is bad habits and how much is medical.  I can go so long then I fall apart maybe for a day or two.

At times my mind works over time.  Consistently thinking on how I cam improve my life with what I am learning.  I have my press release started in my mind but having problems writing it out.  Not sure why  but it will hit soon and it will be done.

I received a gift in the mail.  A compass and magnified glass from my coaches.  It was great, they are so encouraging and every time I look at these, I feel the encouragement they give me.  Thank you Don and Leanne.

Week 5 Deep Thought !

It is week five all ready.  Yes I am doing good habits but somehow I still find myself fighting with the bad habits that want so badly to be heard.  It is a constant struggle for be.  The seven laws of the mind.  Started reading those and I really need to work on the Law of Forgiveness.  Bad taste in my mouth over sisterly love… The Lord has been helping me through this and will continue as things evolve.

I Really love Scroll I.  It really makes me think about my life and how I need to change the direction of where I am going to have the new life.  Exciting the direction I am going.

I am scared right now.  My DMP still on drafts yet and now I need to blog my Press Release.  If I am having problems with my DMP how am I going to do a beautiful press release, while still doing my daily duties.  That fear really bothers me at this time.

I am excited to continue, always eager to see what next week is going to bring.

masterkeysheriw – week four – Where am I.

Going on week four, things are heating up, My DMP, on draft four.  Feel like it is going good, now have to many words so need to shorten it down some. I finally get in the swing of it and now it’s to wording.  It’s fun.  Can’t wait until it’s done so my subby can absorb the real DMP.  LOL

My mind is going in all directions,  not sure if I took on more then I can handle or not. I have noticed my switches are back full swing, and it’s the left arm and hand, and I am left handed which isn’t good.  I am finding typing on the computer is harder then usual with more typing errors, so need to go back and make corrections. Take more time then I want but need to do it.  Is this good or bad.  Yes, they are bad habits one could say but under my health issues, I am not sure how bad it is.  My brain is on over load. I guess having two strokes and three aneurysms on the brain, causing TBI from an auto accident doesn’t help. oh well!  Life goes on, one day at a time.  I continue to read Og three times a day. I need to read all three times out load so I understand what I read so that is what I do. and all the other readings again out loud and doing everything I am suppose to do.  Some days are better then others.  Hoping the switches will slow down some or back to the doctor again.

I must say I have had chronic fatigue since I was 14 years old, fifty some years and last year found a doctor that does hormone therapy.   We have been working together, still increasing hormone but starting to have energy longer then four hours a day.  All I can say is I like the new me without the switches and a Big thank you to Lori for sending me the invite and MKMMA and group helping me discover my true being.

Till next time

Week Three — forming good habits

Forming good habits are fun, I think.  ! have found changing the bad to make good are much harder then I thought.  However, this is a perfect time for my cleaning lady to come in and clean.  Now I am picking things up and putting things back verses not picking up. Forming more good habits, and I believe Og’s reading is helping me with this, but then I go into my office where yes, I have a cleaned off desk top, the office has so many piles and cluttered so much.  One good thing is I come down here to do my reading during the day and find myself taking a pile and putting it away, or throwing away which ever it is.

To night for dinner, the boys and I sat down and ate, and was able to sit and relax after the meal.  We left the table one hour after sitting down.  It was so nice just sitting, catching up with things and relaxing from a long day.

This weeks readings are really hard for me to absorb, All the solar plexus and such, but I continue reading them some times more then once a day.  they should become easier.

My coaches are great.  They are a husband and wife team.  They are giving me good idea’s for my DMP, but I am still having problems with words and exactly what I want.  I have struggled in the past on writing goals statements and now it still isn’t coming any easier.  I will continue and not give up.

Masterkeysheriw week 2

The first week is behind me.  Not sure if it is good or bad.  I like the good habits that I have started, I also find my bad habits are not agreeing with my good habits.  Not fighting them just not agreeing, and find myself falling back into my bad.  Not good, but as the weeks go on, it should get better.  yea

For those who are following me,  I made it through Dad’s surgery.  He had a couple more stents inserted.  It took 4 hours.  I had my sister with me this time so I felt so much better.  Will have another surgery in December for more stents.

Back to my week.   Practice sitting and doing nothing just to gather my thoughts and not to move,  well this body has uncontrolled twitching going on,  I could make it to two minutes. Thought this would never do, So now am sitting with the uncontrolled shakes and twitching, and having my thought time.  Its fun, taking that time just for me and my thoughts.    Having two elder’s is like have two kids,  once you are alone for any amount of time, they want to know what you are doing.  I now let them know where I am going and telling them I will be back out at a certain time. that I can not be disturbed.  I love it,  they listen…….. Happy happy happy  I am..

I am feeling good about my self.  I am not sure where I would be if I had a full time job that I had to go to everyday, guess that is why I am retired,  but anyway, as I continue to get healthier and getting more energy this will all come easier, I hope.

masterkeysheriw – week one

Procrastination was my life for so many years, not sure how I was surviving, but found there were more days when I did not do anything, then other days I was playing catch up.  My dear friend and mentor Lori Enrico invited me to apply for the MKMMA scholarship. She told me it helped her with her life and she thought of me while she was taking the class and felt it would also help me with my life.  When I was doing the steps I needed to do to apply for this scholarship, my stomach was in a total knot.  Was not sure it I was doing the right thing as I have so much personal things going on in my life, that takes so much of my time.  But I listened to Lori and my heart and continue moving forward with the process.

My life took a change In September of 2015 when I was accepted into the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance scholarship program.  I listen to the video of Mark talking about the program, still was not totally convinced I was doing the right thing, but knew something had to change and having heard about the lazy networker many years ago, I decided to open my mind and heart and go with it.

I am into the second day of the program, I have been able to do my readings, finding them very interesting to do, learning on the way.  I am doing my blog early as I have personal things that need to get done tomorrow and my 90 year old father will be having surgery on Thursday and not sure if I can focus on the blog during that time. So instead of procrastinating like I usually do, I am planning ahead of time so the blog is completed before the time it is due.