Press Release

An Interview with Successful Minnesota Entrepreneur Grandmother, Sheri Wert.

By Her Grand-daughter, Zoey Roberts, an 8th Grade Interview Project.   February 1, 2020.

Zoey:     Should I call you “Sheri” or “Grandma”.

Sheri:     Whichever one makes you more comfortable, Zoey.  With a smile.

Zoey:     Grandma, I have known you my whole life.  In fact, you watched me when mommy went to work, until I went to school.  I remember you being tired all the time, your house was messy, but you were always ready to play with me, whenever I was there.

Sheri:     Yes Zoey,  I know.  We had a lot of fun times when you were at my house, all those years, until you went to school.   Zoey,  I was always tired when you mom was little also, but you kids were always first to me.  The house and chores were always put last.  It was you and your mom and auntie first then if I had energy I did things around the house.

Zoey:     About four or five years ago, things started getting better for you.  You were able to do things with mom, Colton and I.  Auntie and Mommy helped you clean your house, paint the walls and got the house looking really nice.  My playroom was always clean.  In fact the house really looked nice when ever we came over to visit.  It was fun, you would still let us play doctor with you and grandpa.  Colton and loved that.   What chanced with you, you seemed to have more energy.

Sheri:     Well Zoey,  A lot happened.  Your grandmother found a doctor that heard what I was complaining about and took some tests and found that my hormone levels were very, very low.  He put me on Hormone therapy, and I gradually started gaining more energy.  I was able to help Auntie with the cleaning and painting of my house.  Even though it took a lot of energy from me, it was fun and exciting as I watch my home transform into a brand new home.

Zoey:     Grandma,  I also remember as a little girl you would talk about your business, how you were going to build a very successful business and when I turn fourteen you would let me sell makeup and have my own website and sell makeup.  I will be turning fourteen very soon and can’t wait to work with you.  But how successful is the business.

Sheri:     Zoey that is a very good question.  As you know I have had my business for so many years and it just was not happening.  I had the vehicle in my hands to make money, a Brilliant business concept with a prove system, excellent training and education.  I thought I wasn’t afraid of the hard work that it took to serve and help others. Yet, it just wasn’t working for me.   It was one thing then another, your great-grandmother dying, your great-grandfather moving in with Grandpa and I,  Grandpa not doing good health wise and anything and everything happening that seemed to pull me away from the business.

Then a very close friend of Grandma’s introduced Grandma into taking time out and enroll in an online training through MKMMA  that would help me get me going again.  MKMMA is a program where I embarked on a journey of self-discovery to figure out for myself who I really was and what I really wanted in my life.  I started this journey when I was 66 years old.  It was about time I figured out what my real true purpose in life was.  And by applying principles that I had heard about in my younger years but never did anything about, I started doing my whole life started to change.

Zoey:     Wow, grandma,  can I take that journey?

Sheri:     Wow, Zoey,  yes you can.  Back to your interview, let’s get one thing done before before we move on to another.

Zoey:     Cool,  OK.   Grandma you are making lots of money now aren’t you?

Sheri:     Yes, Zoey I am.  At the age of 71 I have built a solid income.  Making enough money that I can pay for Grandpa’s nursing home care,  My house is paid off and you might say I am living my DREAM.  And when you turn fourteen you can start selling makeup along side of me.


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